Who Is Rhodes 101 Stops?

Rhodes 101 Stops isn’t a convenience store; we’re people. People that know a customer’s favorite drink before they reach the drive-thru window. People that notice if a daily customer misses a visit because they’re under the weather. People that make dinner for a family juggling so many activities they don’t have time to cook. Through our people and relationship-focused culture, we have completely raised our customers’ expectations of the typical convenience store experience.

The Rhodes to a Great Career

Are you ready to join Rhodes in raising customer expectations? If so, a Rhodes career will reward you through both personal relationships and a rewarding climb up four management levels:

Customer Service Representative (CSR) :: Food Service Manager (FSM) :: Operations Manager (OPS) :: General Manager (GM)

Culture Built on Customers

Rhodes’ people recognize customers’ different expectations. They realize when a customer needs cheerful conversation to brighten the day. They can also adapt when a customer only has time to get in, get what they need and get to their next destination on time. Either way, our people are alert, receptive and ready to hustle to meet their customer’s expectations.

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